I'm Nick.

I do software/ops stuff. I went to Drexel for school and stuck around Philly after graduating. I work at GitHub on the Database Infrastructure team. I've worked at:

  • Wildbit on Postmark, an API-driven product that's the best way to send transactional email.
  • Relay Network, a startup changing the way people communicate with business using Clojure.
  • Algorithmics a fintech company in the collateral/risk management space which was bought by IBM.
  • DVRPC a regional planning organization.

Find me at

Github nickcanz

Twitter @nick_canz


Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]


Elasticsearch settings code analysis

I explored analyzing the Elasticsearch codebase to find all of the configurable setting values to put them all in one place. Code to generate the list is found in the elasticsearch-bblfsh repo.


I made a JavaScript map thing that lets you search for a place name and see where it (and other similar names) are located in the US. I like finding the outliers. Like Beach, North Dakota.

Revere Chrome extension

I had a problem of following different provider's status pages for updates when they post issues. This Chrome extension periodically checks RSS feeds and pops a notification when it detects a new entry to alert you.


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